YUPO® Original

It’s the synthetic paper that put YUPO Corporation on the map. YUPO Original is the smooth, bright white, 100% waterproof synthetic paper that offers designers, printers and manufacturers a paper that stands up to tough conditions while printing beautifully. Available in a wide variety of grades and weights, YUPO Original gives you optimum performance time after time.

 *YUPO Packs are not returnable.
 YUPO® Synthetic Paper is not suitable for conventional office equipment (copier, laser/inkjet, fax).

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SKU Product name   Price  
BLD150 104 lb. Translucent Paper
  • $261.00
FPG200A 58 lb. Cover Paper
  • $61.00
FPG250A 74 lb. Cover Paper
  • $75.00
FPG300A 86 lb. Cover Paper
  • $85.00
FIG350A 100 lb. Cover Paper
  • $98.00
QJJ400A 144 lb. Cover Paper
  • $156.25
FPG95A 50lb. Text Paper
  • $59.00
FPG110A 57lb. Text Paper
  • $64.00
FPG130A 68lb. Text Paper
  • $73.00
FPG150A 78lb. Text Paper
  • $83.00
TPRB90 62 lb. Translucent Paper
  • $129.00